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Timeless Touches started as an outgrowth of Janis’ love of scrapbooking, and Todd’s natural artistic ability and a desire to “make things work.” Janis started using a camera at age 9 and began scrapbooking while in high school. As historian of her local Future Homemakers of America chapter, she compiled a scrapbook of their meetings and activities. Her entry won the blue ribbon at the Arizona State FHA convention that year. This was in the days before “safe” scrapbooking or the extensive availability of scrapbooking supplies; we’d all cringe now to see how it was put together!

In the meantime, Todd was growing up in Seattle, a talented young artist with lots of creative ideas. He shelved his artistic talent temporarily and began working on yachts and cruise ships. It was in Tahiti, while on a cruise, that Janis (then a travel agent) met Todd. Todd was convinced to leave the sea, moved to the Phoenix area, and they were married a year later. (Yes, those shipboard romances really can work out!)

In 1998, Janis discovered creative scrapbooking and began tackling years of photos with a vengeance. Her well-stocked sewing room gradually began looking more like an art supply storage facility as her love of scrapbooking grew. The sewing machines eventually gave way to paper, stickers, pens, stamps and templates.

When “lumpy” scrapbooking hit the market, quality products were sometimes difficult to find. Janis became aware of the quality and amazing variety of fibers available through friends who owned a weaving business. After months of thinking, “Why doesn’t somebody…?”, she finally realized that “somebody” should be “us”!

Thus began the Timeless Touches™ fiber line! Creating the initial line of fiber assortments was great fun, but we quickly discovered that not everyone felt comfortable with using the product. A typical comment was “They’re beautiful, but how do I use them?” This led to the development of the Fiber Friend™ template, and the Eyelet Friend™ templates. This is truly a team effort—Janis tells Todd what the template needs to do, and Todd designs it. Having the templates created the need for tools, so we searched for high quality tools to offer with the fibers and templates.

In 2002, Janis left her job in the financial industry to devote full time to our growing business. Our mission is to provide quality embellishment products at affordable prices to paper artists, and to supply the tools needed to make them easy and fun to use. We hope you get great results with our products, and we’d love to hear from you. Visit us online at and email us at to tell us how you like our line, and what things you’d like to see from us in the future.

Janis and Todd Murray


My roles in life are wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, crafter, and business owner. I'm also a caretaker to our numerous pets: Jake, an energetic & lovable Labrador Retriever, and 2 pet ducks, Dewey (a Mallard mix female) and Daisy (a Silver Appleyard female), plus the wild critters (squirrels, quail, bunnies) that inhabit our backyard. I have too many hobbies to maintain, but scrapping and stamping are at the top of the priority list. I watch too much TV and love a good chick flick. While I'm basically a homebody, traveling is in my blood and will always be my passion. I'm analytical, focused, detail-oriented, loyal, and passionate about what I do.